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Wigrams Run 020

n.b.ISIS - History and information.

First I want to point out that 'n.b.' is the abreviated term for 'narrow boat' as 'm.v.' is for motor vessel, 's.s.' for steam ship etc. So from here on in, 'narrow boat ISIS' will be referred to as just plain 'ISIS'. This is mostly because I'm basically idle and can't be arsed to keep typing in the full shabbang and also to protect my keyboard from unneccessary stress.


In truth I know little of her history but I am almost sure that she spent most of her past life on rivers rather than the canal system and if my guess is correct, a fair chunk of that time on the River Thames.

I come to this conclusion for two reasons. The first being that whilst 'ISIS' has a British Waterways (BW for the sake of my keyboard,) registration number 507136, when I came to actually licence her the young lady at BW's office told me that no licence had been issued since 2003. If you keep a boat on a river then it's licenced by the Enviroment Agency not BW who licence crafts using the canal systems. The second reason is I found a whole stack of literature and maps on board, all of which related to the Thames. Now how the hell she found her way to Alvechurch on the Worcester Birmingham canal where I bought her beats the crap out of me!